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Photos of business sessions and product shoots I've done as well as events coverage. Contact me to make arraignments to have your photos done to sell your product or business!
Partyman SOTCA 07-27-2023 127Yard of Ale 04-26-2023 01Mortalis 05-31-2019_28Mortalis 05-31-2019_11Dublin Corners_27Eagle Crest - O-Neh-Da Photo Shoot 10-21-2020_18Eagle Crest - O-Neh-Da Photo Shoot 10-21-2020_21Sweet Arts Bakery_21Sweet Arts Bakery_08The Cake Place @ Oak Knolls 1The Cake Place @ Oak Knolls 2The Boriken Restaurant_11-08-2019_37Warplane Museum Store Product ShootI Love fresh Air final coverVillage TavernAllegiance B&B for Livingston Co. TourismAmerican Rock SaltSnow BillboardSentimental Journey Event/The Manhattan DollsThe Manhattan Dolls