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Taking Flight https://www.larrytetamore.com/blog/2020/3/taking-flight

Taking Flight.
Our new resident raptor.
Sat in the stand of trees on the west side of the house for an hour, sunning, preening, watching the fields from it's perch. I watched the whole time hoping for an in flight photo. Nope, flew off to the south keeping the trees between us. I don't actually have the correct lens for bird images, (I've yet had a need to shoot a wedding with a 600 mm lens) but I love vintage warbird aircraft, P51's P40's,Corsairs, and birds of prey, possibly because of the similarities, the nimbleness and agility, the soaring to heights and the dive of attack...
Anyway our hawk returned, farther away, almost as if knowing the limitations of my lens, (yet honestly it was because of the better perch of a new field of possibilities). So, I waited patiently, another 20 minutes.
Everything I wanted, an image the captured just taking flight from a perch, the sunshine, the color (oh man, look at the tail feathers!), the landscape, the beauty and sheer wonder of the nature of where we live. Tack sharp, no. Pleasing and emotional, yup.
My reward...

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Kind of Bue https://www.larrytetamore.com/blog/2020/1/kind-of-bue “Kind of Blue”

Winter provides opportunities to a photographer. You can shoot stark winter scenes, enjoying the black and white landscape and some days there is sunshine to provide color.

This is a one where the setting sun kisses the sky and the blue hues radiate across the snow-covered landscape. Blues and highlights of the warm setting sun. Kind of Blue.

As I was growing up, I wanted to learn to play guitar. My parents provided the opportunity, bought me one and I took lessons for five years at Levis Music Shop in Rochester, my instructor was Don Ames, he was a Jazz Guitarist, played a Gibson 335, we sat in a small studio the size of a closet. He had a style of Wes Montgomery. I couldn’t wait for my lessons every week, mostly to hear him play. That’s where I found my love for Jazz.

I love all styles of music, but Jazz is my favorite. One of my favorite Jazz artists is Miles Davis. His album “Kind of Blue” has been regarded by many critics as the greatest jazz record, Davis's masterpiece, and one of the best albums of all time.

Many of you who know me know that as I “see” photographs I relate them to my love for music and specific songs. As I compose the shot through the viewfinder, I often have specific song come to mind.

As I was looking out the back window this evening, I couldn’t help but think of “Kind of Blue”.

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Saturday Project https://www.larrytetamore.com/blog/2020/1/saturday-project

Saturday Project.

I sometimes get asked if I do photo restoration. Yes, I do.

I love photography, pressing the shutter capturing a moment that will never occur again is awesome.

The opportunity to work on an original print from over a hundred years ago when another photographer did that very thing of a couple on their wedding day that is very special indeed.

Thinking about them sitting there posing for the photographer much as I have couples do now when I photograph a wedding makes me wonder what the technology may be like in another hundred years.

The photo has the typical damage from a photo that old, discoloration, silvering (where the black areas appear blueish and reflective), fading, tears and some water damage.

This was a large photo I received from the client, it’s 11 x 14, I believe a Gelatin DOP print (silver bromide: it exhibits many of the identifying characteristics, DOP appears black and white unless image deterioration has occurred; matte, glossy or textured; often exhibits silvering; may fade; paper fibers not visible.)

I set up my camera with a 50 mm prime lens on a tripod, copy stand format and a cable shutter release, to create the image to work on.

The restoration process is not exceptionally difficult knowing the techniques to use but it is tedious.

This image took me three hours.

A labor of love preserving someone’s family history.

A very rewarding Saturday Project.


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Request Project https://www.larrytetamore.com/blog/2019/12/request-project Yesterday I received a comment/request on my blog post wondering if I could combine all four of the shots of the different seasons of "The Tree" together in one print.

It really made my day, I had been wanting to do that for some time, but I currently don’t have any more wall space in the house, so needed a prospective client for the project.

I took the four photos and combined them, creating one large panorama with a border around each photo. The dimension of each photo is 8x12 and to eliminate the height being too small the total size ended up being 8 x 48.

It looked kinda cool, but that size may be restrictive and the position of the tree in each of the photos didn't really work for me in the finished product.

So, I took the original files of each of the photos and cropped them in vertical 8 x 10 rather than horizontal 8 x 12 and made The Tree the center of each photo. I don't miss the landscape panorama of each photo, the different seasons of the collage all stretched out make the panorama work.

I did a simple black border around each and the finished size of the collage is 12 x 36, much more manageable, it also formats to 8 x 24 which is also a nice size for a smaller space.

I'm thinking a metal print would be spectacular.

Thanks Loretta, hope you like it!


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Happy First Day Of Winter https://www.larrytetamore.com/blog/2019/12/happy-first-day-of-winter "Winter Solitude"

Happy First Day of Winter. Winter SolitudeWinter Solitude

One of my favorite trees.

Standing strong in this field across from Kindred Ground Barn on Polebridge Road where the owner Tammy Anderson lets me photograph family and high school senior portraits and this year I photographed a wedding at this wonderful location, a rustic beautiful barn built in 1820. One of the sweetest people on the planet she also runs a B&B on the property.

I see this tree as I'm packing up after a shoot and it somehow always seems to beg to be photographed. This day I loved the pastel skies and the animal tracks wandering into the frame.

Spring, summer, fall, I've photographed it all seasons.

A Poem Lovely As A TreeA Poem Lovely As A Tree AglowAglow Big SkyBig Sky One of reasons we love living here, a simple tree standing strong in the middle of a farmers field. It's a beautiful thing.


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End of the Year https://www.larrytetamore.com/blog/2019/12/end-of-the-year Looks Cold Out ThereLooks Cold Out There As the end of the year approaches it's more than just the holidays and New Year’s Eve for me. This time of year for me as a photographer in Western New York is time to back up and clean up, reorganize, get everything ready to start fresh.

I also use the time to reevaluate, look back at my body of work for the year, see trends of assignments, and look at my work flow, the amount of time spent on each job, look at my techniques and my style.

I believe we should always be evolving and adapting. Trying new things and perfecting the tried and true staples of the craft.

It’s also a time of year that’s a challenge for me as a photographer, photographing a snow covered environment. Well, let me rephrase that, to make a photograph of a snow covered environment appealing to more than just me.

I love photographing the almost black and white qualities of winter scenes. I’ve taken many photos in full color that people swear are black and white. But when the sun shines on a winter day, well, it can be spectacular.

It’s been a great year, lots of new adventures, photos of friends old and new, some with their growing families. Weddings, meeting new people and photographing their day, a joyous and exciting new beginning, an experience unlike any other! Brand and Marketing photos of businesses that help them make their brand successful. A picture is worth a thousand words. We all do well, when we all do well. Conversations with fellow photographers, about our craft, our visions and styles and how we work. And of course, getting out and photographing the beauty that surrounds us.

Looking forward to what lies ahead. Cheers!


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One Of My Favorites https://www.larrytetamore.com/blog/2019/12/one-of-my-favorites One of the reasons I so love photography. 
Capturing moments. 
Once in a lifetime photographs.
Photographing a wedding 5 years ago. The little girl had been doing so well at her Aunt's wedding. Mom was in the wedding party.
The little one had had enough and her Dad, all decked out in his Army Service Uniform, in the blink of an eye picked her up lovingly and carried her to the vestibule of the Church.
Calm now, tears still on her cheek, she sat cradled in his arms as the two of them watched the ceremony through the antique wood and glass doors.
I happened to catch that moment. I've always thought of it as one of my best photographs.
The gentleman in the photo messaged me today, 
"Sir found this gem in my memories still my favorite picture."
Seriously, it doesn't get much better than that.
Thank you Sir for making my day.

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Life Influence https://www.larrytetamore.com/blog/2019/11/life-influence  

My wife Marcea is the best influence in my photography career. 
Years ago, when I retired, I decided to refresh my photography that I had been doing since my teens. 
It was always my "zen" something I loved that brought me joy and peace and a sense of purpose, sharing my love of all things beautiful through photography.
I bought new equipment, updating from my film gear, cameras, computers and software.
Marcea supported me with my landscape and fine art photography, going with me, helping me transport and set up to sell at festivals and also convinced me that my work was good enough to venture into genres like portrait, family, even wedding photography.
One day while sitting reading the newspaper she said, "hey, you should send some of your stuff in for the panoramas that they put in here". I said "yeah, sure, they won't use my stuff" (a common response from an artist), but I did anyway, because she's a smart woman.
That was in 2012.
This is this morning's panorama in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, it's number 110 that has been published in the paper.
And, my "retirement hobby" has turned into a rather successful full time second career, ironically what I originally wanted to do in the first place years ago as an art major in school.
Thanks babe for always supporting me, helping me see my vision and giving me the occasional nudge in the right direction.

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Marketing and Branding Photos https://www.larrytetamore.com/blog/2019/11/marketing-and-branding-photos LT2_2869_DxOVP B&W B1 aLT2_2869_DxOVP B&W B1 a I got an email from an friend a couple of weeks ago. An artist and craftsman who wants to update his brand. He described a concept of a new look as you enter the studio, some black and white photos on canvas, some with pops of color thrown in, a vision that I really understood as he explained it to me.
He asked me to do the photos.
Yesterday I had the privilege to spend a couple hours with this guy at his studio and watch him work, taking photos of his process, his techniques honed over the years.
As we finished up he stopped after this last piece, (he did four, it was mesmerizing...), looked at me and said "we done?" 

I took this shot and said "yup". 
This is him, after 40 plus years he still loves this.
He mentioned at one point it was one of those days where he could spend all day at the wheel. I could have spent all day watching him.
Thanks Mike.

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